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Life Journey | About | Shital Mahajan Skydiver

Skydiving Expeditions and Career


On 18th April 2004, Shital Mahajan has performed "First Parachute jump of life without any practice over Geographic North Pole" Arctic Circle in a freezing temperature of minus 37 Degree Celsius from a height of 2400 feet from a Russian MI - 8 Helicopter.

On 18 April 2004 at 2100 h (IST) Ms. Mahajan set a new World record by becoming the First woman in the World to make a maiden Parachute Jump of life over the North Pole. She is the fourth Indian, and the second Indian woman, to Parachute over the North Pole.

However, the unique feature of her expedition was that while the other three who Para Dropped over the North Pole had a few hundreds of Jumps to their credit and two were professional Para jump instructors of the India Air Force. Padma Shri award winner Mrs. Rachel Thomas is one of them and she had 25 years of professional Para jumping experience before she undertook this expedition over the North Pole.

Ms. Mahajan carried out the first-ever Parachute Jump of her life over the North Pole.  In fact, Shital had never ever set foot on an Aircraft before until she went for this expedition.


On 19 February 2006, Ms. Shital Mahajan has received "Shiv Chatrapati Maharashtra State Sports Special Award 2004 - 2005" by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh.

On 29 August 2006, Ms. Shital Mahajan has received the "Tensing Norgay National Adventure Award" by Honorable President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.            

11 to 18 October 2006 Ms. Mahajan went to China as a Part of "China Delegation" along with the Ministry of sports. Where Ms. Mahajan Represented India as Sports Person.

On 15th December 2006, Shital Mahajan has performed "First Accelerated Free Fall Parachute Jump of life over the White Continent of Antarctica South Pole" in a freezing temperature of minus 38 Degree Celsius from a height of 11600 feet from a Twin Otter aircraft.

Skydiving over both Poles also made her the youngest woman to achieve the feat at the age of 23.


In 2007 May to July Shital Mahajan in Nepal, tried her first attempt at "Skydiving over Mount Everest" with the help and advice of members of the Nepal Tourism Board. But due to lack of sponsorship and financial crunches she gave up the project.

In 2007 Shital Mahajan got engaged with Finland-based NRI Software engineer Mr. Vaibhav Rane.

After looking at Maharashtrian Woman skydiver Shital Mahajan’s achievements, in August 2007, the Government of Maharashtra proposed the idea of this Civilian woman skydiver performing at the opening ceremony of Youth Common Wealth games. It was planned in October 2008 in Pune at Balewadi stadium. Ms. Mahajan was contacted by the Government of Maharashtra to take this idea in reality. The IAS officer, Director of Sports of Maharashtra state Shri Laxmikant Deshmukh took an initiative to help Shital for this jump.


In February 2008 Government of Maharashtra sanctioned Basic and Intermediate rigorous skydiving training, to Ms. Mahajan in the USA at Skydive Arizona.

On 19 April 2008 "Shital Mahajan and Vaibhav Rane, the couple got married in mid-air in a hot air balloon at 700 - 800 ft above ground level", this unique wedding was live on lots of Tv Channels, which took placed in Oxford Golf course Pune - India.

Immediately after the wedding, Shital went to the USA at Skydive Arizona for 4 months for Basic and Intermediate rigorous skydiving training. In this training, Shital Completed her 250 jumps along with 5 hours of wind tunnel training and she achieved United States Parachute Association’s Skydiving Licenses A, B, C. Where Shital got trained by Americas best skydivers.

The Government of Maharashtra’s purpose of sponsoring the training of Ms. Shital Mahajan was to perform skydive in the opening ceremony of Youth Common Wealth Games October 2008. But due to lots of technical issues with Permissions at the last-minute Shital’s participation and jump in youth Common Wealth Games Opening Ceremony along with Indian Air Force team, was canceled.


In April 2009 Shital Mahajan and Vaibhav Rane, the couple blessed with Twin Boys.


After the maternity break of Twin boys, Shital started her practice skydiving jumps in Finland in June 2010.

On 19 September 2010, Shital did her comeback in skydiving sport by performing her record attempting feat of Wing Suit jump at Skydiver Empuriabrava in Spain. She did complete her 20-wingsuit jumps basic Training, with Finland based World Famous Wing Suit Inventor and Instructor Jari Kuosma. after performing her Jump with Wingsuit, Shital became "First Indian Civilian woman to fly with a Wing Suit."

In 2010 October to December, Shital Mahajan in Nepal tried her Second attempt of Skydiving over Mount Everest with help of local Airlines and Nepal Tourism Board and local Sherpa team and Finland Skydivers. But due to lack of sponsorship, Shital again gave up the project for the second time.


On 24 March 2011, "Ms. Shital Mahajan has received India’s Fourth Highest Civilian Award "PADMA SHRI" by Honorable President of India Pratibha Tai Patil" for her achievements in skydiving sport.

After receiving Padma Shri award, Ms. Mahajan decided to dedicate her work to new young generation to encourage them. To promote skydiving sport in India she planned to take initiative to open skydiving academy. For academy work, she tried to approach Government of India and Government of Maharashtra, but due to there are no laws and rules regulations established for this air adventure skydiving sport. Shital decided to go for further advanced training of skydiving in the USA so that after getting that knowledge. she can use her knowledge to develop the sport in India.

In September 2011, Ms. Mahajan along with her husband went for 3 months advance skydiving training in the USA at Skydive Arizona. This time training was sponsored by her husband and some privet sponsors too came forward to help her. In this 3 months of training, she completed her more 300 plus jumps, in total she completed 634 jumps. After completion of 500 jumps, Shital achieved her USPA “D” license.

On 23 October 2011, Shital Mahajan did skydiving from Hot Air Balloon from Highest altitude 5800 ft at Skydive Arizona. Previously Indian women, who have had done a parachute jump from hot air balloon they had performed balloon jump from below 5500 ft.

In November 2011, Shital’s husband Mr. Vaibhav Rane too did complete his 57 skydives and achieved United States Parachute Associations A and B licenses. Therefore, "Vaibhav Rane and Shital Mahajan became First Indian civilian skydiving couple".

During this training period in the USA, she also participated in US Open National Skydiving Championship in the 8-way formation team as a guest team name Epic Awesome. Her team could complete a total 4 rounds. In 4th round one of their team members met with an accident during landing, so the team has no option than quitting the championship.

In December 2011, Ms. Mahajan completed her Coach rating in skydiving in Spain at Skydive Sevilla with Instructors academy under famous examiner Marcus Laser and became "First Indian Civilian Woman Skydiving Coach".


In 2012, by using her own savings Shital Mahajan flown to Finland to attend the Pimp my fly Boogie at Skydive Utti. Where she performed jumps with Melanie Curtis (American skydiver) and other Finnish and Norwegian skydivers.

Skydiving as a sport is under-acknowledged in India. Ms. Mahajan’s aim is to create awareness in people about the sport. She guides young aspiring students to pursue this sport. She encourages young students by offering them skydiving Guidance and Ground coaching free of costs.

In 2012, Ms. Mahajan started the first of its kind Skydiving Academy of India in Pune, Phoenix Skydiving Academy, so that this unknown sport gets recognition in our country and to further promote the sport of Parachuting.

In September 2012, Shital Mahajan participated in P3 skydiving formation camp in California. Shital was the only Indian who participated in that skydiving camp and Ms. Mahajan is first Indian Civilian woman who made it to a 100-way skydiving formation camp. Formation camp was having 79 participants, therefore camp was completed with 79 participants. Ms. Mahajan represented India in skydiving formation camp in the USA became "First Indian civilian woman to represent India in 79-way skydiving formation in the air at 18000 ft".


Ms. Mahajan was a Brand Ambassador for Woodland India in 2013.

In India for civilian people, skydiving sport was not authorized to play but now due to the popularity of the sport in our country this sport has started getting recognition since 2007 and has started for civilians too in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat.

In 2013, Ms. Mahajan organized the first skydiving camp in Maharashtra at Baramati Airport. On occasion of Maharashtra’s well-known Member of Parliament Shri Sharad Pawarji, Ms. Mahajan organized Baramati Skydiving Festival 11 to 15 December 2013. In the skydiving camp for the first-time opportunity was given to 52 Maharashtrians to pursue skydiving sport in India itself.

During skydiving camp, on 12/12/13, Ms. Mahajan did skydiving along with birthday wishing greeting card. Shital have had wished Maharashtra’s one well known Member of Parliament on his birthday from 11,000 ft at Baramati Airport. This was a first of its kind birthday wish has done in India in the air. Therefore, Shital Mahajan became "First Indian woman to Skydive with Birthday Greeting Card".


Shital has made many records for herself now she wants to create more 100 Shital Mahajan’s from society to increase performance in the skydiving sport. Ms. Mahajan wishes you take Indian skydiving team in Skydiving World championships to represent our country.

Ms. Mahajan's extraordinary talent of motivating people bringing out the best in youngsters and senior citizens. Lots of handicap and senior citizens have been inspired by Shital and found their limitless self-confidence and some of them have discovered their own qualities which they didn’t even know they had.

In 2014, when Ms. Mahajan apprehended, planned and executed the idea of making a new record of a maximum number of tandem skydiving in one day on foreign land. In this attempt, 12-year-old to 72-year-old senior citizens took part fearlessly. wherein 89 Indians took part to create World record in tandem Skydiving by performing their life's first tandem skydiving jump in a single day on foreign land in Spain. In addition, Ms. Mahajan has helped 35 Indians from the same group to achieve one additional National record too.

"Largest group skydiving - 89 Indian civilians performed Tandem skydiving in a single day over the foreign land", At Empuriabrava- Spain on 25 August 2014. (World Record)

"Highest number of simultaneous Tandem skydiving 35 done in one hour by largest group of Indians over the foreign land" at Empuriabrava- Spain on 25 August 2014(National Record)


Ms. Mahajan was part of "Mountain Dew's 'Naam Bantey Hain Risk Se' "Real Hero of India" campaign as a brand Ambassador".

After successful completion of 89 Indians tandem skydiving over foreign land, Shital Mahajan took initiative along with Thomas Cook travel agency to break the 89 Indians Tandem Skydiving World record with 100 Indian women. Due to less female participation project agendas were changed to 100 Indians skydiving over the foreign land.

In 2015 this project again got postponed to 2016 due to fewer participants enrollment.


In January Ms. Mahajan was invited by Prime Minister of India for Republic day pared at Rajpath in Delhi, as a part of 100 woman achievers of India group. The initiative was taken by “Abke Baras Mohe Bitiya Dijo” campaign.

In January 2016 Aero Club of India took initiative to organize "National Skydiving Championship". Ms. Mahajan was appointed as a member of Organizing team for National Skydiving Championship in Amreli by the Aero Club of India in February. After becoming part of the organizing team Ms. Mahajan went to Amreli ‘Saurashtra’ in Gujrat to do reiki of Amreli airport.

In March Ms. Mahajan got the invitation from "India’s Got Talent" Show to be a part of the show for one episode. In the show, Ms. Mahajan was asked to perform flag jump and some demo jumps for Show. In April Ms. Mahajan performed 6 skydiving demo jumps. The Show was telecasted on 4 June 2016.

Ms. Mahajan had helped Aero Sports National Authority, the Aero Club of India to organize the First National Skydiving Championship in Amreli in Gujrat from 1 to 5 May 2016. With help of family members and local Politicians Ms. Mahajan took initiative for helping for the security of aircraft, arrangements of Drinking Water, Food, local transport by Bus, Accommodation, Aircraft landing prior to National's, Pilot Team members arrangement’s, Projector, Holdings and banners, Press conference, Politicians appearance, Media campaign, Certificate modification, and printing Etc.

Ms. Mahajan has completed her skydiving judge course along with 6 more Arm forces officers during National Championship in Amreli in 2016. Currently, until 31 January 2018, Ms. Mahajan is an only civilian woman skydiving Coach and judge available in the country.

In 2016 December, Ms. Mahajan along with FCM travel company took the initiative to take this project to next level. The team went to Australia for basic preparations and Received Support from the Guinness book team and Australian Parachute Federation.


In 2017 Ms. Mahajan again tried her luck for maximum Indians Tandem skydiving over Foreign land, collaboration with big IT company but due to some technical issues with IT company this project collapsed at the end of the month of January.

In 2017 February Ms. Mahajan planned completion of skydiving over 7 continents. And On 17 February, Ms. Mahajan went to South Africa – Johannesburg, at Skydive Pretoria. On 19 February 2017 Shital Mahajan perform her first jump over the 6th continent – Africa in Johannesburg at Skydive Pretoria.

Following to it, Shital Mahajan went to South America – Brazil at Sau Paulo at skydive Go fly parachuting club to complete her 7th continent skydive. On 22 February 2017, Ms. Mahajan performs her first jump in Brazil and completed her skydiving over all 7 continents by the Indian woman dream.

Ms. Mahajan became "First Woman in the World to Skydive on 7 Continents 1. Antarctica, 2. Australia, 3. Asia, 4. Africa, 5. Europe, 6. North America, 7. South America, on 22 February 2017. Shital has completed skydiving over 7 Continents". It took 10 Years 2 months 6 days to complete this feat.

In April 2017, by Aero Club of India, "Ms. Shital Mahajan has been nominated for The FAI Sabiha Gökçen Medal for completion of skydiving over all 7 continents. She is a first Indian woman ever has been nominated for this award".

"2017 May"

On 20 May 2017, with help of oxygen mask and cylinder, Shital Mahajan performed High Altitude Low Opening skydiving (HALO) jump in San Francisco at Sky Dance Skydiving Center from 30,500 feet Above Ground Level (AGL). The free-fall speed was around 230 km per hour. Shital did open the parachute at 5000ft then speed was 90 km per hour.  Till now no Indian woman has done skydiving from this altitude. Therefore, Shital Mahajan became "First Indian Woman to perform HALO jump (High Altitude Low Opening skydiving jump)".

30,000ft height and above HALO jumps require a little more planning. The extreme altitude and reduced air pressure require skydivers to start pre-breathing with the oxygen mask on the ground for an hour prior to takeoff. Due to the special oxygen equipment jump becomes a little more challenging.

In September 2017, Shital Mahajan performed skydiving in Finland on 17 September and completed her 700-number jump. Therefore, Ms. Mahajan has become "First Indian Civilian Woman to perform a maximum number of Parachute Jumps".


On 12 February 2018, Ms. Shital Mahajan went to Thailand for skydiving at Pattaya. There she performed 3 parachute jumps/skydives with Indian SARRI from 13000ft and became

"First Indian Civilian Woman to perform parachute jump wearing (Indian woman identity Dress a “SARRI”) Indian “SARRI”.

With this unique jump with ‘SARRI’ in Thailand, Shital completed her skydiving over 6 continents within one year and became the first woman to do so.  

"“August 2018"

Independence Day

On 15 August 2018 Ms. Shital Mahajan skydive with Indian National Tricolor Flag in Finland. Few Indian women decades before have done Skydiving with Indian Flag. Shital Mahajan also has done many Flag jumps but those were for some TV shows as demo jumps with different flags. This was her first Indian national flag jump.

Shital Mahajan received an official Indian flag from the Indian ambassador of Finland in Morning at 12.30 PM IST then She performed the skydive with Flag at skydiving center called Skydive Finland - Utti.

"September 2018"

On 17 September 2018 Ms. Mahajan, has done skydiving from 13000 ft at skydive Chicago and wished our Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendraji Modi in free fall with a Birthday greeting card in this jump another Indian skydiver Sudeep Kodavati helped her as a cameraman.

"October 2018"

On 25 October 2018, Ms. Shital Mahajan has received The Federation of Aeronautical International’s “Sabiha Gökçen Medal” by President of FAI for recognition of completion of skydiving over all 7 continents by woman and completion of skydiving over 6 continents within a 1 year. She is the first Indian woman in history to get this award.

"The FAI Sabiha Gökçen Medal"

The Sabiha Gökcen Medal was created in 2002, upon a proposal from Turk Hava Kurumu, and is supplied by the Turkish NAC. Sabiha Gökcen, the winner of the FAI Gold Air Medal, was Turkey's first woman pilot and in 1937 became the world's first female military pilot. She was an inspiration to women pilots.


The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, FAI - The World Air Sports Federation, was founded in 1905. It is a non-governmental and non-profit-making international organization with the basic aim of furthering aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide, ratifying world and continental records, and coordinating the organization of international competitions. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).