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Speaker | Shital Mahajan Skydiver

Shital as a Speaker

Shital is based in Pune and different kind of speaker than others. Shital has appeared in hundreds of speaking gigs over the last ten years. She often speaks about what she has done in her life in her projects to achieve success. She describes specific outcomes, challenges, and results. She typically brings more enthusiasm and energy in audience. Invite her how her real-life experience has delights audiences in your function watch her thrilling videos of skydiving and life experience of her to see her charisma on-screen. Shital prepare each talk and customize it to make it suitable for audience or organization as necessary. If you would like a motivational speaker who delivers a highly original, entertaining, and inspiring take on entrepreneurship, please get in touch.

Motivational Speaker

Shital combines humor with her experience in television, innovation, and publishing to inspire the audience to follow her lead and explore their own brilliant ideas. Shital will motivate any audience to see themselves as creative geniuses and give them the tools to move forwards with their ideas to reshape the world and the business around them. Her positivity inspires improved attitudes, increased productivity and true disruption. Harnessing the power of creativity and ideas can empower your employees and boost collaboration.

Keynote Speaker

Shital travels around the World delivering inspirational keynote speeches to clients. She promotes change by helping every audience member unlock the true power of their brain and showing them how to harness their creative potential. Whether you require an after-dinner speaker for a small event or a professional speaker to end your conference on a high, Shital will captivate your audience with her in-depth knowledge of experimental psychology and own experiences. She explains her own tried and tested own life techniques in a format that’s tailored to each individual event.

Seminar Speaker

Shital covers Common goals in seminar speeches frequently.

  • Setting a positive tone for new programs or ventures and reinforcing event themes in ways that ultimately prove empowering.
  • Inspiring teams, organizations, and individuals to heightened levels of performance.
  • Raising awareness and support for topics, trends, and ventures of rising interest.
  • Educating audiences by Engaging in tasks and delivering positive learning and skills transfer.